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The earliest picture I have of myself playing a Hagstrom bass guitar at a Junior High School assembly in 1971

photo by Stefan Kren

Tirez Tirez -
1979 Kansas City promo shot.
(Rob Shepperson, Mikel Rouse, Jeff Burk)

photo by Tom Cochran

Tirez Tirez -
Live at Gaspar's in Chicago, 1979.
That night we opened for Skafish.
The club is now called Schuba's.

photo by Chuck Avery

Tirez Tirez -
First gig in New York City at CBGB's, January 7, 1980.

photo by Tom Cochran

John Train -
After a gig in New York City, 1981.
(JP Jones, Andy Jones, Jeff Burk)

unknown photographer

Beat Generation (mk II) -
promo photo, Chicago, 1991.
(Chris Seaver, Jeff Burk,
Peter Murray, Dan Pearson)

photo by Al Kowano

The last time I played as a (temporary) band member with Sour, May 1999.

photo by Josh Clark

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